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Learn flash cards with five fun flash card games.
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Flash My Brain has a selection of flash card games to help you practice your knowledge.

Flash card games are an important way
to break up the routine of flash card studying.

Flash My Brain flash card games and quizes are a way for you to practice your knowledge and they help Flash My Brain track your progress. Let's take a look at the 5 flash card games in Flash My Brain.

Here's Flash My Brain-ionaire, a familiar gameshow type game that encourages you to try to get the most BrainBucks while reinforcing your knowledge.

Flash My Brain-ionaire is a gameshow type flash card game.

Match My Brain! is a flash card game that simply asks you to match front and backs of flash cards together. As usual, Flash My Brain's natural interface makes this game a snap to play.

Match My Brain is a straightforward Memory type flash card game.

Not Like My Brain is a variation on "one of these things is not like the other." Find the card that doesn't belong to a set of correctly matched up cards or a set of incorrectly matched cards. Sounds simple but it's an excellent exercise to reinforce memorized material!

Not Like My Brain is a great way to reinforce memorized flash card knowledge.

Flash My Memory is an excellent exercise for reinforcing flash card learning. Completing a round of Memory requires visualization of both front and back of a flash card. Challenge yourself by playing the game for accuracy and speed.

Flash Your Memory with Flash My Brain!

Flash My Memory is a challenging memory flash card game.

All the cards you make in Flash My Brain and all the thousands of flash cards in there already are fully compatible with these games. These games break up the routine of flash card studying and keep you engaged -- just one more great feature in Flash My Brain. Buy Flash My Brain for $29.95 and start learning the Flash My Brain way!

All of Flash My Brain's cards work in the flash card games.