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Perfect for schools, corporate training, and institutions.
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Use Flash My Brain to accelerate learning in your institution.

Accelerate a whole group's learning.

Groups can have their own private area online with Flash My Brain.

For volume customers, mode of expression, LLC can make a Flash My Brain environment just for your group. Your students, your material. Enable access to the general cardset library and other functions as you'd like.

Group members can create and edit each others Flash My Brain flashcard sets.

Members of your group can create and edit their own flashcard sets for each other, or just study the material you've created to train them. Flash My Brain's five different memory quizzes and Leitner memorization minimizes the time spent learning and maximizes assimilation and recall of the target knowledge.

Play flash card games to to maximize recall and learning.

See Flash My Brain's volume pricing here. If you have questions or you would like to make additional specifications to your order, you can email us at licensing@flashmybrain.com.

Games that help you learn; editors to help you create; flexible printing; a deep library -- this is Flash My Brain!