The natural software for studying flash cards on the iPhone.

Flash My Brain for the iPhone offers a slick, fast, and natural interface for creating, studying, and sharing text and photo flashcards.

You can now buy Flash My Brain for the iPhone at the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


What is Flash My Brain for the iPhone?

Flash My Brain for the iPhone is a standalone application that can create, edit, study, and share flashcards. You can use the iPhone's camera and microphone to add content to your cards. You can even use an internet connection to download and upload flashcards to the online library if you want.

Is that separate from Flash My Brain for PCs/Macs?

Yes, but they work together, too. Flash My Brain for PCs/Macs is a separate, standalone product that does many of the same things, only faster, with more features and more screen space, You can type in more languages, import text, lists, CSV, and other formatted text. You can draw, add and resize images, play flashcard study games, print and export cards, and more. It's fully compatible with Vista and OS X through Adobe AIR 1.1. Lots of people are using the two together.

How did Flash My Brain get so great?

Because we're always working to make it better. We're releasing regular updates, two already so far. Flash My Brain is a service as much as a software. If you spot a bug, or have a feature request, or need help, get in touch with us. We actually -like- talking to our customers, so if we haven't already answered your question or the other help pages aren't helpful, drop us an email at iphone@[this domain].

The reviews on the App Store are all over the place...what's the deal?

The app was rushed out with bugs -- one involving the accelerometer that made it extra-sensitive to any shaking, and another causing crashes when viewing certain characters on cards. We rapidly fixed the bugs but it took almost two weeks for the fixes to get distributed by Apple after we submitted them.

We can't deny that the complaints were warranted at the time. But we did our best to address them, we fixed every reported bug, and things are going great now -- just look at the reviews since that update.

Does Flash My Brain for the iPhone work with both iPhones and iPod Touches?

It sure does. The only differences are that the iPod Touch doesn't have a camera or a microphone. You can still add images to flashcards with the iPod Touch, but only from photos synced to the device. Otherwise they're identical.

Do I need a constant Internet connection to use Flash My Brain?

No. You only need the Internet if you want to connect to the online library to upload and download flashcards. So you can download all the cards you'll need for your African safari and happily study (and make more cards) during the drive to see the giraffes.

Is there any way to keep the flashcards I upload private?

Sure. Just choose the "Private" category for your flashcards. Touch the category in the edit screen and select Private. (See this page for exactly where to touch. Save your cardset and when you upload it, it will remain in the private category.

Can I make flashcards on my computer and then sync them with my iPhone?

You sure can, but you'll need the best computer software for flashcards to do that -- Flash My Brain for PCs/Macs. Like we said above, you can type in more languages, import text in various formats, do more with the cards. It's nicely integrated with Flash My Brain for the iPhone.

How do I get a FMB Online account for Flash My Brain for the iPhone?

That refers to the account information included with access to the online service and the offline application for Flash My Brain for PCs/Macs. Check it out!

From Chinese characters to chemical formulae, studying flashcards with Flash My Brain is a breeze. Leitner memorization and customizable shuffling lets you study with your own learning method.

Use either the portrait or landscape keyboard to type up your flashcards quickly. Japanese, Chinese, and other non-European languages are supported and welcome.

Take photos with the iPhone's camera, or add photos from your saved albums on both the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can even add sound recordings to your Flash My Brain flash cards.

Flash My Brain has a unique and cool photo-chop feature: You can take a photo of a list, a book page, a poster, or any other kind of existing classroom material and cut it up into fronts and backs of flash cards. Study prep doesn't get easier than that!

Sharing your study materials with other learners is easy. The Flash My Brain online library covers every subject imaginable is covered, from taxes to Tibetan to times tables.

Whether it's second graders or senior vice presidents, Flash My Brain is great for anyone who wants to learn more, faster.

Flash My Brain for the iPhone is available now at the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.