The natural software for studying flash cards on the iPhone.

Managing and sharing your flashcards is fast and simple with Flash My Brain for the iPhone. Your flashcard library is the first thing you see when you start, seen below.

Downloading flashcards from the extensive online library is as easy as loading a category and touching the flashcard set you want.  From that point on you can study and edit those flashcards, even without an internet connection. Touch the Online button to enter Flash My Brain's online library of 100,000s of flashcards. Simply load the category you're interested in and touch the flascards you want. Uploading your own cards is quick and easy, too. Touch the upload button to bring up a list of your flashcard sets.  Touching one of your sets will automatically upload it to the online library.  It's that easy.

Flash My Brain for the iPhone is available now at the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.