The natural software for studying flash cards on the iPhone.

Flash My Brain for the iPhone makes studying flashcards easy. Below you can see the study session setup. With a few touches you can customize Flash My Brain to suit your individual learning style.

Setting up a study session to match you learning style is easy.  You can customize how you want your cards shuffled and how many cards you want to study at a given time.  The autoplay function lets you study without pressing any buttons: cards will flip and advance on a timer. Once you've setup your study session, touch Study and begin. Below you can see that Flash My Brain supports both portrait and landscape modes so you can get the most out of the iPhone's vivid screen. You can use your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode to get the most out of the iPhone's gorgeous screen.  Zoom in on the flashcards to study detailed knowledge, or zoom out and view the statistics related to your flashcard study.

Flash My Brain for the iPhone is available now at the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.