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Flash My Brain makes it easy to make the flashcards you want quickly.

Featuring Flash My Brain's easy flashcard editor.

Flash My Brain features a streamlined text flash card editor and an elegant graphics flash card editor.

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Georgian, Telugu, and Tibetan are supported in addition to right-to-left and Latin-script languages like French and Spanish.

We even make putting in accented characters a cinch with our pop-out extended keyboard.

Flash My Brain features a quick, natural interface to rapidly create flash cards.

Whether you're making picture/vocab cards or organic chemistry cards, the graphical flash card editor is a great environment for creating information-rich flash cards.

Flash My Brain offers you all the drawing tools you need in a clean, clear, and natural interface. Color, shapes, text, and several templates make creating diagrams easy and quick.

Use Flash My Brain's graphical editor to add graphics to your flash cards, such as molecular structures for chemistry.

Flash My Brain flashcards love images and sounds.

Upload your own images: flags, photos, or drawings you've done in outside programs. Your flashcards can include maps, portraits, flags -- imagine how useful this would be in your Art History course!

Or attach an mp3 of pronunciations or music excerpts. Perfect for aural learners.

You can upload images and include them in your flash cards.

Flash My Brain also has a convenient Import Cards tool that helps you import cards from CSV and text files. Copy from Excel, a table on the web, or from a list your teacher emailed, paste, and go!

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Flash My Brain features creating and learning with talking flash cards.