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Make elegant math, science flash cards with equations and diagrams.
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Flash My Brain features math and science flash cards.

Flash My Brain features beautiful math and science flash cards by way of MathType. Study and print these cards to get on with your learning.

Flash My Brain helps you upload complex equations to your flash card stack.

Use MathType's full-featured editor [try MathType here] to create equations or scientific expressions and Flash My Brain makes it a cinch to upload these equations to your flash card sets.

Flash My Brain helps you create science flash cards with diagrams.

Type out scientific concepts or draw diagrams to make chemistry, physics, or biology flash cards that make your learning speedy and deep.

Match My Brain is a straightforward Memory type flash card game.

Buy Flash My Brain for $29.95 and start prepping for the AP BC Calculus exam, or maybe make flash cards for your Honors Algebra II/Trig class.