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Accelerate your Russian studies with Flash My Brain flash cards.
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Study Russian with Flash My Brain flash cards.

Studying Russian is a breeze with Flash My Brain Russian flash cards. You can select from the many existing Russian sets made by Flash My Brain users, or create your own.

Then, you're ready to start learning the Flash My Brain way.

Make Russian flash cards in Flash My Brain with unprecedented ease.

Flash My Brain has been specifically engineered for flash cards with non-Latin fonts like Cyrillic. When you join the Flash My Brain community, you'll find that it provides resources to help you get started typing in Russian if you aren't already. Don't forget you can print them out so you can study in bed! (Or whenever.)

Study hiragana flash cards with Flash My Brain!

Flash My Brain creates beautiful Russian flash cards, but it doesn't stop there. Upload mp3s of pronunciations to easily create talking flash cards. Flash My Brain can make great study materials for learning Russian. Share your work with your friends or students!

Play flash card games to sharpen your skills in Russian!

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Games that help you learn; editors to help you create; an environment that encourages personal expression - this is Flash My Brain!

Just some of the pre-made Russian flash card sets chosen at random:

-  DLI - Mod 4 - Lesson 24  -  DLI - Mod 8 - Lesson 45  -  RusslandJournal L 51  -  DLI - Mod 1 - Lesson 2  -  Lett_Hed  -  RusslandJournal L 86  -  DLI - Mod 6 - Lesson 35  -  Russian Verbs 02  -  Russian Alphabet  -  100%'s Lesson 3  -  RusslandJournal L 70  -  ThePlace29b  -  DLI - Mod 8 - Lesson 44 Expanded  -  Austris's 100% Vocabulary Lesson #1 Copy  -  DLI - Mod 8 - Lesson 43  -  RusslandJournal L 98  -  Current Events in Russian II  -  oleg's 500 Russian Verbs  -  neohope's New Stack  -  DLI - All Verbs from All Mods  -