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Just some of the SAT/SSAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL flash card sets chosen at random:

-  SATVocab-Dr.Pearson  -  Latin roots for English words I  -  GMAT Wordset 1  -  High Frequency SAT Words I  -  i-52dcfbf's Flashcards  -  SSAT Vocab Lesson 10  -  jbgedner's All GRE Vocab 10  -  jbgedner's Sherwood GRE Vocal 7-30 7  -  chernarumi's GRE Roots with Examples 2 of 3  -  My My SAT Word stack 1/4  -  High Frequency SAT Words III  -  Evette's GMAT Quantitative Flashcards  -  kahankins's All GRE Vocab  -  My TOEFL Stack 1  -  My Hit Parade 1  -  last minute vocab adds  -  GMAT Wordset 11  -  New Flashcards  -  bierie007's GRE 500.08  -  jbgedner's Sherwood GRE Vocab 7-24 2  -  Barron's GRE - High Frequency Vocab  -  GRE Vocab  -  GRE: ETS's Favorites (1/3)  -  mrs.levinson's GRE Roots with Examples 1 of 3  -  Ben's GRE Math to Memorize  -  GRE Math Facts  -  GMAT Wordset 02  -  LIST1  -  My andres's Ben's GRE Math to Memorize  -  GMAT Wordset 2  -  Words for CherBrit  -  Sherwood Vocab List 7-20  -  My TOEFL Stack 5  -  PR 50 Most Common GRE Words  -  My TOEFL Stack 6  -  bierie007's GRE 500.01  -  My My SAT Word stack 1/4  -  My Latin Roots with Examples  -  50 SAT high-frequency words  -  jbgedner's All GRE Vocab 1  -