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Featuring positive reinforcement learning.
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Flash My Brain helps you study with the Leitner memorization process.

Flash My Brain now has the Leitner memorization method.

Flash My Brain uses positive reinforcement to help you study flash cards.

If you're starting the study of a new set, Flash My Brain will present several cards to you, front and back.

With a strong focus on positive reinforcement, Flash My Brain will give you the confidence of total command of your knowledge.

Flash My Brain has a natural interface for reviewing flashcards.

The study interface is a natural environment to strengthen your understanding of your flashcards. The flashcards are shuffled to help you focus on the hardest flashcards. Flipping the cards is as easy as waving your mouse left or right, and advancing to the next card is as easy as a click.

After you feel comfortable with all the cards you've seen so far, play a Flash My Brain quiz game. Success means adding more cards to your active study deck.

Flash My Brain has five different memory games that challenge your recall in five distinct ways.

If you want, you can head straight to reviewing all the cards, or just play the games in succession to polish your skills. You can even print out your flash cards or put them on your iPod if you're tired of staring at your computer screen.

Buy Flash My Brain for $29.95 and start studying flash cards online in a natural way. Flash My Brain tracks and optimizes your study routines helping you learn more, faster, retaining it for longer.